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Who said, sometimes the space of the heart is very big, can hold the whole world, but sometimes it is very small, can only live in the next person.


My heart is yours. My people are yours. Everything is yours. I want you to accompany me to enjoy the prosperity of the whole world. I will accompany you to see all the vicissitudes of life.


I love you very much. Although you can not understand my heart, but in my heart, you are the only lover forever. I have learned to forget myself, but I can not forget you.


As long as I can see you often, I feel happy; as long as I nestle in your Petite body, I will not be lonely.


Because it is you, so I will, because it is you, so I give up.


A vast sea of people can meet, it is a fate; long road, can be together, is a kind of sentiment. Just want to gently tell you: love you forever, never change!


Hold your hand, day and night, hold your hand, wait for tomorrow, hold your hand, through this life, hold your hand, life.


You smell my breath, I hear your voice. You know I am in tears, I feel sorry for your anxiety. We are so close and so far away.


How endless long nights, do not forget your side I am an indelible flame, ignite every hope in your heart, life for you to dance and jump.


First see the heart, goodbye, infatuation. Take pains to get the heart. I want to rush my heart, and I'll be very anxious. Don't your heart, do not understand my heart, willing to wholehearted, melt your heart.


Be happy and be cute. If you are unhappy, be tough and follow yourself.


Meet you by accident, like you are natural, love you are determined, get you happy, accompany you for life is inevitable.


We are one happy entity; you can't dislike me when I'm old, you must know our promise; even if we are old, we should exercise every day and smile every day.


I dare not ask for too much. I just want to take the moment as an eternity and turn it into a memory.


How beautiful the stars are in the sky, but without you, everything will not be alive; every lonely night, do you know, I miss you silently.


I do not allow you to be the happiest, because with you, I have been the happiest in the world, so you can only rank second!


You are the one I love, the one I love, the one who makes me laugh for you.


Your gentle smile in the moonlight melts me in your heart, and comes with boundless love and happiness, holding you in your arms for life.


There is a person in the world who will always be waiting for you, no matter when, no matter where you are, you know, there is always one.


When I am lonely, I think of you; when I shed tears, I want to hold you; I want to rush to you when I am happy; I want to kiss you when I am excited. All these four words: I need you!


If I live, God will give me the greatest life, then live. Having you will be God's greatest gift to me in my mission.


I hope that after that year, the old man who is accompanying me is still you. You are willing to hold me in your arms, just like now.


If you fall in love with a flower on a planet. If you look up at the sky at night, you will feel that the stars are like flowers blooming in bloom.


If it weren't for loving you, how could it be that you didn't fall asleep at night; if it weren't for loving you, how could it be that you didn't know I loved you!


You have come into my life, and I am preparing you for life.


The warmth of my life is so much, I gave you all, but you left me, you told me how to laugh at others again.


I want to be a tree and stand on your way. I would like to be a cloud to protect you from the scorching sun. I would like to be an umbrella and go through stormy weather. This is love!


I thought later, I will not delay you, there will be others to delay you, then I am not reconciled, or I come to delay you.


You know, I hate you, because you steal my heart, rob my love, cheat me, and will occupy the second half of my life, the most hate you, and waste a dime of my mobile phone bills!


It is precisely because of love that it quietly escapes, from the shadow, from the silent feelings; today I finally summoned the courage to express my love to you.


You are a bit like the moon in the sky, like the twinkling stars, but I am not a poet, otherwise, when you write 10,000 poems to describe your beauty.


It was not until I met you that I felt my existence and could not bear to leave you, though you said so firmly.


Your happiness is my greatest happiness in this life, I pray for you here, every moment for your blessing heart unchanged.


The sunset is the time I miss the most, facing your city, said: I miss you, I do not know, whether you can hear.


Happiness is living in the present. Sweet yearning lingers day and night, belongs to each other, tastes elegant, carefree in the mountains, clouds and mists, both are not tired of.


Where I can see you, my eyes are with you; Where I can't see you, my heart is with you. Don't go too far, be careful of my heart!


If falling in love with you is a mistake, I believe it will be the most beautiful mistake in life, I would rather be wrong for a lifetime.


You are the expectation of my eyes, you are the direction of my wings, you are the return of my soul, I awake you are the heartbeat I hope, I sleep you are the breath I miss.


I don't have a spare tire, nor do I play ambiguous, all my tears and smiles, gentle and easy-going, good temper and childlike have given you, I hope you cherish.


You, I am just thinking of people who will steal pleasure, so sweet and unspeakable.


The best meet, never say the past; the best parting, do not ask for the return. Of all the farewells, I like it best: see you tomorrow. Of all the blessings, I like you most.


I hope that after decades, you will still be there for me, like a child in my arms.


Put your pictures all over the place I would like to paste, all the places I can see frequently, and of course, they are always firmly attached to my heart.


I thought I would be fine if I left you. I was wrong, so I met you again. Now that I love you silently, I am wrong again. You have taken up too much of me.


If one day you pass me by, and I do not look back at you, do not be surprised that I am in tears.


The best love is that you are not so good, in my heart, you are the best; the most beautiful feeling, is that I am not so perfect, in your eyes, is the most beautiful.


Maybe I don't have the sun-like fanatical love, nor the flowing water-like long-term love, just know that the constant love you love you, do everything for you.


The sweetest thing I can think of is to be loved by you every day.


As long as I can be with you, I don't care how much it costs.


There is only one person in the world who asks me how to cherish.


The fire of love is ignited in our hearts, and we will be fused together from now on.


You ask me how much I love you. I can't answer it, because you have to tell me how long your life is.


Love you as natural as the spring breeze blowing willow; love you as sweet as the autumn fruits; love you as romantic as clouds chasing the moon. Dear, I love you!


Fear of marrying the wrong man, because marriage is a turning point in life, the ideal end-result can not become a realistic end-result, although marriage is a form, but the pain in the future.


Love September, weeping willow shade, you suddenly look back, a Wang autumn water, melt me, only wish to live with you at this moment of the blue waves ripple.


When I hear something, I do not know anything about it. I will turn around several curves in my heart to think of you.


Everyone's fate is different, love time will also have a long time, only do my best to do, I can do is: I will let my love accompany you slowly aging.


The figure waiting in the evening, the eternal expectation in the long night, the happy expression when thinking of you, are condensed in a deep missing. My heart has been sent out, please sign with love!


Want to send you roses unfortunately too expensive, want to give you comfort but did not learn, want to give you a ring but still in the safe, had to send a message to you, hope we never blow.


It's my simplest and lasting happiness to hear you say good night every night.


Su Su, I am an ordinary person. But I have an extraordinary heart. I am a vulnerable person, do not let me sad. Please marry me!


The day we met was the best day of my life. I have made many friends, but none of them means what you think of me. Dear, I love you.


Look at the computer keyboard. U and I are placed side by side. This is the way the alphabet is arranged, because as long as you and I, my love will never cease to exist.


I will be in the same city with you in the days I go back. Now, please give me a sense of security, let me feel your love.


I hope we'll be together forever, whether it's cold, summer, spring, autumn, winter; we'll write the legend of love that never grows old.


I want to prove that I love you the same in fifty years, because I want to prove that I love you the most in the world, because I want to run for a model couple with you.


I love you, send you the mind of the moon. I love you, send you the breeze expression friendship. I love you, send you drizzle thinking. I love you and send you my best wishes.


Loneliness is not born, but from the moment you fall in love with a person.


There are so many people in the world. Why do I know you? There are so many people, why do I miss you? As long as I think of you, my heart is as sweet as honey!


I'm ready to spend a lifetime with you, and you're ready to go at any time, which is probably the best view of love, affectionate and not entangled.


I shot my love arrow into your heart, and you were my captive. I decided to sentence you to life imprisonment, to keep you in my heart forever, and not to be released on bail.


I can vividly recall every movement, every expression, every sound, every image I have with you in my life.


The beginning of happiness is not love but prosperity.


Want to hold your hand, happy road to go together; Want to hold your waist, happy and free; Want to kiss your face, we accompany forever!


In each missing day, it is not easy to miss you, do not want you more difficult, willing to a difficult mood, deeply miss you!


All one's life, there are some unspeakable secrets, irreparable regrets, untouchable dreams, unforgettable love.


You are so ordinary that no one will mention you, and people will not pay attention to your existence. But in my heart, you are so charming and moving.


If I turn into loess, the grass grows green for you, and the yellow flowers bloom sweet for you; if I turn into a spring, the fish dances for you, and the spring sings for you.


Two of the luckiest things in my life: one is that time has finally exhausted my love for you; the other is that one day long ago, I met you.


And your smiling face is very light, and gradually fades away after sunset. Then opened the yellow head page, and fate bound it very badly.

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